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This page contains general information about Locations in West of Loathing.

The main West of Loathing map is divided into 3 main geographic areas (as well as the initial Prologue). The geographic areas are subdivided into 8 regions, identified internally by alphabetic letters A through H. Regions reflect relative difficulty, and are used to scale Bad guys.


Boring Springs surrounds:

East of the Mountains

Region A:

Region B:

Region C:

West of the Mountains

Region D:

Region E:

Region F:


Region G:

Region H:

Gun Manor

Region W:

The Desolate Lonesome Coast

The Desolate Lonesome Coast area was originally planned as an additional late-game area in West of Loathing, but was cut for scope. The initials hint that it might have been planned as a DLC add-on pack, but has not been released. Given the release of the Reckonin' at Gun Manor DLC, it is unlikely this will ever be explorable.



*The East Railroad Camp is first encountered early on, east of the mountains. Once you clear the way for the train, the camp in the East region becomes the Old Railroad Camp, and unlocks the West Railroad Camp. Once you build a bridge, the camp in the west region becomes the Old Railroad Camp, and unlocks the Frisco.

The Old Medicine Show is accessible only as a Snake Oiler.
The The Great Garbanzo's Hideout is accessible only as a Beanslinger.
There is no equivalent area for Cow Punchers.