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This page contains general information about Quests.

Railroad Quests

Clearing The Rock Pile

You must procure a year's worth of dynamite from either:

  • Go through Gustavson Gulch and get the key to the door containing the dynamite.
    • You'll need enough stat (combat, lockpicking, any other skill) to get the key for it.
    • Having Gary the Goblin as your pardner will prevent you from exploring Gustavon Gulch, but will let you solve a riddle for the dynamite.
  • Buy from Dynamite Dan for 5000 meat.
  • Circus quest chain as a reward from Barnaby Bob (keep still during the show).
    • If you anger Barnaby Bob after the show, the coupon will disappear.

Upon exploding the boulder, be prepared to deal with the giant rock monster behind it.

Bridge Building

You must build a bridge to reach Frisco

  • Lumber Bridge
  • El Vibrato Bridge
    • Built from Curious Copse, you must power the terminal found at Lost Dutch Oven Mine.
    • You will also need to pay 5 meat to look at Cliffside Viewpoint in order to have it constructed.
  • Bone Bridge
    • This requires Unlimited Bones perk, which can be obtained from resurrecting a buffalo soldier or by entering the left door at the entrance and killing all of the enemies.
    • You will also need to have at least 4 Necro skills.
    • You will also need to pay 5 meat to look at Cliffside Viewport in order to have it constructed.


You have two options from this point on, either give Emperor Norton a crown or don't, but you only get one chance of interacting with him.

  • Giving him the crown (listed in his page) will immediately allow Smee to build the tracks over to Frisco.
  • Not giving him will cause him to infect you with "Ant-Eye" Virus, which distorts the field vision in a bug-eyed vision.

If the latter is done, talk to Smee and the Bartender found at the bar and they'll inform you where to clear the virus. Roy Bean sells the cure for 6,000 meat. However, if you helped him on recovering all his beans, he will sell it to you for just 5 meat. Upon getting the cure, checking on the sand tracks at Frisco will lead you to the final encounter.

Runaway Train

Exists if you did not give Norton any crown.

If you do not feel you have the required stat, you can head back down from the start and come back later.

Encounter 1

You vs Norton

  • If you have Safecrackin' Level 5, the safe found at the bottom of the train contains a cargo car key, which lets you enter another cargo and bypass this fight.

Encounter 2

You vs 3 bandits

  • It is possible to bypass the bad guys found at this cargo. Simply walk over the roof (after ascending from the left) and descend down behind them. With Lockpicking Level 3, you can steal the keys they hold and leave the cargo, bypassing the fight entirely.

Encounter 3

You vs Norton (again)

  • If you have 50 Mysticality, you can take the pie found at the silver platter within the cargo and throw it at Norton, which scares Norton away and lets you through without having to fight him.

Encounter 4

You vs Murderer

  • You can avoid confrontation on this one simply by looking at the murderer's notes, checking the shelf on the right, and then entering the third room. You'll find a key that leads you to the next room.

Encounter 5

You (and Army of Passengers) vs Norton

  • To be able to avoid battle and deal with him, you have to recruit at least 3 passengers to chase him down. In hard mode, you will have to fight Norton.
    • Sleeping man = Sleeping on the bottom-middle seat. Constantly pester him until he'll join you. In hard mode, he will remain asleep indefinitely, making this choice unavailable.
    • Insane man = Swaying his arms around on bottom-left seat. Knock some sense into him if you have Percussive Maintenance perk and he'll join you.
    • Young girl = Sitting with her father on top-right seat. Either give her a big stuffed animal from the circus, or all 3 small stuffed animal and she'll join you.
    • Young lady = Sitting at bottom-right seat. If you had freed Russell during the prologue, she'll join you. In hard mode, she ignores you, making this choice unavailable.
    • Passenger solving Sudoku = Sitting with his daughter at top-left seat. If you have 50 Mysticality, you end up solving for him (by accident) and he'll end up assisting you with nothing else to do. In hard mode, he will ignore you, making this choice unavailable.
    • Knitting lady = Sitting at top-middle seat. With either 5 Intimidatin'/Outfoxin'/Hornswogglin' (based on class), you end up causing her to assist you in dealing with Norton.

Side Quests

Dirtwater Jail

There are 5 quests to do for the sheriff at Dirtwater Jail, and 2 different paths to follow. You can fill the cells, or fill the morgue.


Location: Desert House


Required item:

  • skeleton bone : Give it to the dog guarding the house.
  • can of oil : Oil the hinges to avoid alerting them.
  • lock : Prevents them from getting out.


  • Simply trigger the fight. You end up killing them.
  • If you have Ruthless perk after locking the house, you can burn them down, killing them inside.

Stripey Hat Gang

Location: Cavern Canyon


  • Open the door at the second cave (after using a crowbar to open the cave).
  • Afterwards, exit and enter the cave at the far right. You will notice the bandits are cocooned up by the spider, making the arrest easy.


  • Simply trigger the fight without triggering the spider. You end up killing them.
  • If you have Ruthless perk after alerting the spider, you can leave them as spider's dinner, which ends up killing them.

Potemkin Gang

Location: The Potemkin Gang


  • Scare the only female bandit until she is aligned to the jail building. She will always run to the right of the next building (and returns back to first afterwards at the end)
  • Lure the male bandit guarding the "building" to the jail simply by walking to the "door" of it.
  • Talk to the white-hat male bandit and tell him to look for his belt at the jail.
  • Enter the outhouse and exit from the rear, and cut the rope holding the "jail" down, stunning them. You can arrest them thereafter.


Requires Ruthless perk.

  • Do the same as above, but instead line them up at "Sandwich and TNT" shop and activate the TNT behind it. This will kill them.
  • After doing the Alive portion, you can choose to execute them on the spot rather than arresting them.

Blackhat Bandits

Location: The Old Millinery

Alive: Messing up any 5 captures will cause you to redo the entire section. (Details explained at given location.)

Dead: talk to them and select the "fight" option to engage in combat.

Requires Ruthless perk.

  • After capturing all 5 bandits, you can choose to execute them on the spot rather than arresting them.

The Gherkin Brothers

Location: Abandoned Pickle Factory

Alive: (Details explained at given location.)

After doing the given instructions, talking to the ghost and informing them will cause them to "leave in peace", leaving you behind their remains which is still shaking.


  • Simply fight them and put them out of their misery. They leave behind their remains, which stay still.
  • After completing the three rooms puzzle, without telling them that they are done, operate the lever at the outer room. This will kill them instantly as the room disappears upon operation.

El Vibrato

You must activate the containment field at the El Vibrato Control Center found through Deepest Delve Mine. If you have powered and activated the machine, then the quest is complete. In order to do this, the two "Roberto Containment" power sources need to be set; these are located in Curious False Mountain and Curious Flat Plain. These will each require an El Vibrato cylinder to function properly. With the El Vibrato cross obtained on Level 2 of the Deepest Delve Mine placed in the center of the El Vibrato Control Center, you can then activate the containment device. The reward is the El Vibrato crown, which offers +7 to Muscle, Mysticality, and Moxie.

More detail on El Vibrato locations can be found in this page, or by exploring the category of El Vibrato things.


Collect enough information about the Necromancer and consult your journal. His tower will become visible on your map. In order to gain access to the tower you will need to find the password. The password is on a sticky note that can show up in a number of places throughout the game, including the Shroomcave and Reboot Hill.The location will be random for each playthrough.


The Mayor gives you these quests:

  • Lumber permit Ghostwood
  • Missing mail
  • Missing soup
  • Stolen yeast
  • Stolen bread
  • Untended cemetery Military Cemetery
  • Overdue library books

Sealing the Cows

To trap Duke Bovicus, you must follow these steps:

You can also set Duke Bovicus free, and gain the perk Boon of Duke Bovicus. You can also say you will free him, get the perk and not free him. if you do free him, you can re-trap him by ringing the bell with the infernal mallet again.


Dirtwater Expansion


5 members-

  • Washboard Player - Inspect man washing dishes in The Buttery Biscuit. After, Talk to the bartender. There should be an option to pay off his debt (150 Meat). Returning to the washing man, you can convince him to go to join the Dirtwater band.
  • Guitar Player - Talk to the man playing the guitar in Fort Memoriam.
  • Banjo Player - At Wasco's Comedy Shack, listen to all Of Wasco Shafter's Jokes. After breaking his heart, convince him to go to Dirtwater. It's for the better.
  • Jaw Harp Player - Grab the jaw harp from the Cavern Canyon bar room. Give it to the Kurtzite in the Fort of Darkness (3rd Tent)
  • Auditory Nuisance - In the Curious Abandoned Well, there is a beeping device in the 5th room (Auditory Nuisance Containment). You can transport it to Dirtwater either by guessing, or learning the language and specifically choosing the Saloon.


The vacant lots found in Dirtwater are for these buildings, provided you find the people who makes them.