Four Whom the Patch Tolls

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Four Whom the Patch Tolls

Hope you're having a lovely Crimbo season!

Patch Notes

This patch took way longer to put together than we anticipated due to a combination of external things -- holidays, travel, folks getting sick, needing to work on KoL's Crimbo, needing to work on some exciting time-sensitive upcoming things, etc. etc. Sorry about the delay and thanks for your patience! There's still a bunch of outstanding issues that are in our queue, but we wanted to make sure to address the worst progress-blocking issues that folks have been encountering cause those are especially bothersome. We expect to have another bug-fixing patch by mid-January!

Without further ado, here's what's fixed in this patch:

  • If your favorite Cheese Wizard encounters the bugged situation where there's only one person left in line at the DMV, they should leave the DMV and return -- the singleton customer should now be gone and the clerk should be serving your ticket number (we’re hoping to figure out what is causing this bug and prevent it from happening in the first place, but for now this band-aid should help folks who are otherwise stuck)
  • It should no longer be possible to become trapped at the beginning of the sickle uncursing area by exiting the game in the middle of the Scarecrow intro sequence -- you should now be able to knock on the door again to restart the Scarecrow intro when you reload the game
  • It should no longer be possible to move to the right of the boxing robot in the junkyard shadow rift and get trapped behind it like some sort of technological Cask of Amontillado situation
  • Pacifists should no longer be given the option to fight Occams Gator
  • Friendly characters should no longer show up in a strange position in the ZOO Frat jocklin combat arena; let this be a lesson to us all not to name decorative elements the same as combat position variables
  • Your companion will no longer magically appear to fight by your side in one circumstance inside the Gatorman Fortress when they are stuck outside
  • That same Gatorman Fortress fight will also no longer appear to occur behind an abandoned boxcar outside of Ocean City (we'll just pretend that fight was a hallucination before, which explains both issues)
  • Terrence now walks around in combat like (most) other people do, rather than slipping mysteriously along the ground like a greased-up statue (that's how folks move statues, right? Lots of grease?)
  • Terrence now actually wields the weapon he claims to have brought to the fight in the Big Moist on day four
  • Dark Noël should now have her proper pronouns in combat
  • Dented bugles should now properly be classified as ranged weapons (instead of delicious snacks that double as witch fingers)
  • Posters at Hilbert House should no longer have a very small chance of trying to pick a word out of bounds of the list of possible words
  • Fixed a placeholder message on the Chemicals classroom chalkboard that we somehow missed before launch (whoops!)
  • Robotechtronics programming buttons should no longer scale weirdly based on your screen size
  • Mouse clicks outside of a modal dialog window can no longer sometimes get through to UI in the background (sorry, mouse clicks, you just wanted to be free but it caused too much havoc)
  • The options menu is now more compact, but also somehow roomier
  • Fixed lots of various typos and other minor issues

Happy holidays! Thanks for being the best players any game developer could ask for. <3