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"Masters of syncopation and improvisation, Jazz Agents use their rhythm and Moxie to move through the world in style. In combat, they attack with subtlety, weakening their enemies and stacking the odds in their favor over time."
– In-game class description.

Jazz Agent is one of three possible character classes in Shadows over Loathing. This class primarily focuses on the Moxie stat and can be chosen by taking the Weird Time Signatures 504 course during A Dream About School. Jazz agents may also choose a minor in Cryptobotany, Insectology or Psychogeology. Choosing Jazz agent also changes your combat , defeat and victory themes.

Unlike the other classes, Jazz agent's combat music will always play the same music sometimes with slight alteration, often with others skills such as Sax of Violence or Soothing Flute adding into the combat music upon using them.

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