How Do I Patch Three

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How Do I Patch Three
Let me count the ways

Patch Notes

Apologies for the delay in getting this patch out -- we took a couple days off for the first time in months. It felt weird!

We've got a ton of stuff still on the list to fix (so much so that we're not even going to bother with the "known issues" list this time), and will be diving into all that this week in earnest. But we wanted to get these fixes out, especially the Obie mini-game fix, cause we know that's been a major drag for a bunch of folks.

  • Obie’s note-following mini-game is now completed after playing a nine-note sequence (this will hopefully resolve the weird anomalous activity that sometimes happened when the sequence went to ten notes)
  • Molly's rapid fire shooting should no longer cause Tin Lizzy Welders to repeat their death animations a bunch of times (as comical as it might have been, it was also clearly broken)
  • If you use the cursed key to unlock a camaro you can no longer do so over and over again (you may be experiencing temporal anomalies, but that is not an intended one)
  • You can no longer complete the quest at Grode Valley Orchard twice (in two different ways) to get two jars of cherries
  • Cheese-Chi will now properly double the damage of the next Mysticality weapon attack you make (as opposed to doing nothing like it was doing before)
  • Hobos will no longer come to your aid in combat if they sense a dark presence inside you
  • You can no longer get trapped behind your companion in the Radio Shack (it is a little old place where you can get together, but we didn't mean for you to get stuck together!)
  • The train coroner should no longer be completely unresponsive in rare situations in the Key’s curse
  • Asking Albert for a 60% cut should not immediately end the conversation for Jazz Agents
  • Inventory filter cycling is now handled by the right stick on controllers, allowing d-pad to resume normal inventory navigation functionality
  • Fixed a rare possibility of loading into the same combat arena you just visited (complete with the grayed out corpses of your former adversaries) while wandering
  • Fixed (we hope!) a very rare possibility of saving your game in the final title screen, preventing you from returning to the main game to play
  • We're now setting the default Windows graphics settings to Direct 3D 11, which should work more reliably for more folks, you can select Direct 3D 12 via launch option if desired (-force-d3d12)
  • We've enabled OpenGL rendering on MacOS, to help some older Macs display the game (it may still need to be switched on via launch option)