Shadows over Loathing locations

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(region 0)

Ocean City

Ocean City.png
Main article: Ocean City

(region 1)

Crystaldream Lake

Crystaldream Lake.png
Main article: Crystaldream Lake

(region 2)

S.I.T. Campus, Porkham

S.I.T. Campus, Porkham.png

(region 3)

S.I.T. Wander Events

The Big Moist

The Big Moist.png
Main article: The Big Moist

(region 4)

Gray County

Gray County.png
Main article: Gray County

(region 5)

Government Valley

Mapbg govtvalley.png
Main article: Government Valley

(region 6)

Government Valley wander events

Companion vignettes

Main article: Companion


Chapter Dream Major event
Prologue A Dream About School Choose a character class
1: Welcome to Ocean City A Fitful Dream Talk to your Nemesis
2: The Spooky Forest Another Fitful Dream Your nemesis reports to their boss
3: Back to School Yet Another Fitful Dream Dean Wormwood hopes his barrier will hold
4: Swamped A Disconcerting Dream Vignettes of the President's life
5: Heartland of Darkness An Exceptionally Fitful Dream Talk to the President