Patch Two, Electric Bugaloo

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Patch Two, Electric Bugaloo
A joke impossible to repeat too many times

Patch Notes

Another quick patch to deal with more issues that have come to our attention over the past couple of days. Don't see your favorite bug in there? Just wait, we've got more patches comin'.

  • The pacifist achievement will now properly be awarded, and pacifists who elected for Phys. Ed at S.I.T. will not be blocked from achieving it
  • Pacifists are now properly locked out of fighting at Mudhenge, no matter how little clothing they are wearing
  • Using the cursed key on the Securebus locks will no longer sometimes result in a door that is non-interactive, and characters currently in this situation should now find the door to be open
  • The right arrow in Obie’s minigame in his vignette quest should now work properly, instead of not at all like it was before (should have called it the "wrong arrow" amirite?)
  • Calendula no longer introduces herself to you every time you meet her in the hobo camp and also no longer takes your Meat for nothing in return
  • Doc, the hobo from Beppo’s hole, is no longer missing conversation portraits upon a second chat in the hobo camp — you could say his conversation has been doctored

Tossing a handmade pep pill in the H***hole will now return an item instead of nothing (sorry about the loss of your pep pills, take comfort in knowing they're having a great time in H*** without you)

  • Certain elements that did not respond to mouse-based movement are working again, in particular:
    • Talking to the author in the bomb shelter
    • Talking to the President in the Exceptionally Fitful Dream
    • Entering Alphonse’s hovel
  • The Call for Backup skill can no longer be used an infinite number of times by a version of yourself from the future (I love that this is a real and important patch note for this game)
  • All combat areas should now have appropriate music — in particular a few Government Valley combat areas are no longer silent — your tax dollars at work!
  • Combats in the past are now appropriately sepia-toned
  • Combats with mushmen should be a bit better about having small hard-to-select-with-a-mouse combatants hidden behind larger opponents — a more general fix for potentially-blocking large spider bodies (from the arachnophilia option) will have to wait for a bit cause working with spiders is more complicated than working with mushrooms (little known fact)
  • You can no longer click on the shelves in Snacklemills combats, causing non-fight popups to appear and halting combat
  • The speedrun timer should now properly stop when you’ve set an ending in motion
  • Marvin’s end credit’s sequence will now more accurately represent what happened for him
  • It’s no longer possible for speedy players to re-run some elements of the cutscene at the Fridge Factory
  • You will no longer be told about the presence of a ghostly reporter when there isn’t one around (let us know if you'd rather we reverse this and talk about ghostly reporters constantly)
  • New characters will no longer have a “NEW” label attached to their Basic Humanity perk

Known issues and stuff that's on our to-do list

  • The spider buddy from the arachnophilia option is having some weird positioning issues that we haven't tracked down yet
  • A few places in the game currently lock you out permanently even though there might be something more to do in there, this is often trickier to fix than it sounds like it might be, but we're working on it
  • Several doors in the game should really have a smaller hitbox to reduce the frequency of accidental traversals
  • A few optional quests on Day Two don't have to-do list tracking yet
  • Objects meant to be placed on the shelves in your room are currently being held by ghosts a few inches in front of the shelves instead of resting on the shelves themselves; the ghosts are friendly but the whole thing looks weird as you traverse the room so I think it's time to ask them to move on