Our First Patch

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Our First patch
You never forget your first patch

Thanks so much for the overwhelmingly positive initial reaction to Shadows Over Loathing! We're thrilled! We've tried to address the most significant issues that have arisen, and will keep fixing things as we can over the coming weeks and months. Please help us out by posting bug reports in the Steam forums, and thanks for being great.

Patch Notes

  • Wandering from the Sandwich Museum while you are looking for Delia’s key should now always give you a message about how it is fruitless without some sort of device — please let me know if you’re not seeing this, as folks should have been seeing a one-time version of this message but no one seems to have which is very weird and confusing
  • The Duck Call’s Curse should no longer “soft-lock” you inside it if your computer is much fancier than anything we used to originally test it
  • You can no longer get past the mob goons at the Fridge Factory toll booth without learning about Goldthwait Park — characters that accidentally did exactly that have been granted retroactive knowledge of it much like how we patched the "Berenstein Bears" typo in reality itself a while back
  • The grindstone ring will no longer sometimes cause you to return to your starting location when trying to move on the Ocean City mapkin — in these cases there are very few unique fights available to you, so you’ll see more other types of encounters despite the ring’s enchantment
  • Companions will no longer have the “PASS” ability in combat (it was a debugging feature we forgot to turn off, whoops)
  • Fondue Deluge is now actually only useable once per fight, as described
  • The target description for a certain friendly worm will no longer include raw HTML — we don’t even use HTML behind the scenes, so this was a weird typo
  • Farmer Chekov is no longer facing away from you in your conversations with him, sorry if that made you think he was particularly aloof, he's actually a really nice guy who's head was just attached backwards for a little while
  • Fixed a missing wince face for one of the player heads
  • Fishing practice at the boardwalk with a salty fishing rod no longer looks like you're controlling the line with the power of telekinesis
  • Added support for the DualSense controller
  • Unmapped key-bindings will now show up as [?] instead of a really long weird string
  • Corrected several typos, added a few more to spice things up

Known issues and stuff that's on our to-do list

  • The spider buddy from the arachnophilia option is having some weird positioning issues that we haven't tracked down yet
  • A few places in the game currently lock you out permanently even though there might be something more to do in there, this is often trickier to fix than it sounds like it might be, but we're working on it
  • Several doors in the game should really have a smaller hitbox to reduce the frequency of accidental traversals
  • A few optional quests on Day Two don't have to-do list tracking yet
  • Objects meant to be placed on the shelves in your room are currently being held by ghosts a few inches in front of the shelves instead of resting on the shelves themselves; the ghosts are friendly but the whole thing looks weird as you traverse the room so I think it's time to ask them to move on